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The Thermal Water of Gamarde-les-Bains


Gamarde-les-Bains in the South-West

Gamarde is located near Dax, in Chalosse, where many geological accidents occur. The site is located on an anticline, on the edge of Triassic massifs, rich in sulfur elements and saline rocks. Rich in its journey through geological rocks, the thermal water of Gamarde-les-Bains draws its benefits from its unique mineral characteristics.


The 1st "bath house" was completed in 1841, fed by the historic source of Buccuron. After obtaining the favorable opinion of the Academy of Medicine and the recognition of the thermal water of Gamarde-les-Bains as water of care, the medical hydrotherapy begins there from the end of the XIXth century and its fame grows until 1926 .


Recognized in dermatology

The metabolic and dermatological properties of Eau de Gamarde are recognized and spa treatments then consist of baths and drink cures. Reputed to cure dermatoses, it will help the healing of severe burns during the First World War.


2006: Birth of Gamarde and Dermoscosm'Ethic Bio

Following disagreements between the owners, the station was closed in 1926 and the operating license ceased in 1955. A new operating license, with a protective perimeter, was granted in 1993. And in January 2006, Dermatological Laboratories Gamarde market in pharmacies and parapharmacies the first organic ranges and 1% made up of natural Dermocosmetics ingredients with Gamarde-les-Bains Thermal Water.


A water of care

Proven dermatological properties due to its composition of minerals known for their use in spa treatments, also present physiologically in the skin.


Thanks to its high content of sulfur derivatives, it is:

It is suitable for all skin types, from the finest babies to adults.



The therapeutic interest of sulphurous waters lies in the presence of oxidizable sulphur. They are characterized by the presence of hydrogen sulfide and sulfide ions, often in low doses. But it is an unoxidized, biologically active sulfur.


Gamarde's sodium sulphide water, quite exceptional, has the advantage of stable water, retaining its active elements as long as it is protected from oxidation.


The biological effect will be all the more pronounced as the sulfur is in the mineral water in oxidized form. It is the gradual oxidation of this element in the body that gives it its therapeutic power.


The local effects of sulphurous waters are numerous; they act on the skin, mucous membranes, muscles, etc.

Catalyst for many antioxidants, sulfur also has anti-allergic properties, by acting against acne for example or certain after-effects of burns.

source of benefits

Source of benefits for our Dermocosm'Ethic Bio skincare products, Gamarde-les-Bains thermal water is THE solution to comfort sensitive and delicate skin, with proven effectiveness:

*Satisfaction test carried out on 20 volunteers with sensitive skin. Application of the Eau de Gamarde spray twice a day for 2 days.

Our COMMITMENTS for your skin and the planet

At Gamarde, nothing is left to chance when it comes to bringing comfort to your sensitive skin.


Each ingredient, and each formula, is the result of in-depth research by our own research center, and great vigilance by our manufacturing plant, because our desire is to provide you with the best certified organic answer for your weakened skin. , while preserving the planet.


Here is what we guarantee:

Efficacy and harmlessness

Organic and natural origin labeling

Preservation of the environment

100% French manufacturing (in the LOT, in Occitania)

Your sensitive skin deserves the best: locally sourced and grown ingredients.

For several years, we have developed a phyto-sector center to source and cultivate our raw materials, such as Lavender, Hazelnut, Aloe Vera…


Our goals :


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