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Gamarde-les-Bains Water : Source of life


The spring water used for our products issues from the heart of the Landes Forest, in Gamarde-les-Bains. It runs through the rocks over geologic time which explains its exceptional composition. Naturally mineralized and rich in sulphur, its dermatological properties have been recognized by the French Academy of Medicine as early as 1841.

Its positive effects

Dermoprotective, soothing, anti-irritant, Gamarde water brings well-being and softness to delicate skins.Gamarde water can provide true comfort.

Organic Argan Oil : A rare and precious nectar


In South West Morocco can be found a rare tree : the Argan Tree. On the list of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1998, this tree has had a key role against desertification. Gamarde Dermatologic Laboratories have an active role to help local workforce by buying Argan Oil to a berber women cooperative. This golden virgin oil is extracted by cold pressing of Argan almonds and offers precious properties.

Its positive effects

Made up of 80% of Omega 6 fatty acids and antioxidant natural Vitamin E, Argan Oil has unequaled cosmetic properties. Its exceptional hydrating, nutritive, repairing and anti-ageing virtues bring all skin types well-being and incomparable comfort.



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